Welcome to the project's documentation page

The main aim behind this project is to visualize the cancer progression tree to better diagnose cancer and root it out.
This project has been developed over the Summer of 2015 as a summer intenship project. The project is web-based and has two parts, backend and frontend. Different interns worked on each part and this was their result in a period spans over 8 weeks.

The project is web-based and was developed with Node.js+Express. You can view detailed documentation for backend and backend.
The project requires Node.js to run. You can install it from here.

Setup the server

  1. Clone to repo git clone https://github.com/mahmoudalismail/QCRI Note that repo is private and you will need access, contact Mahmoud Alismail
  2. Navigate to the QCRI directory
  3. Install the dependencies by typing npm install. This assumes that you have npm already installed on your machine. npm is node package manager and can be found here
    • You can find the dependencies inside package.json file

Run Redis and Docker

The server would not run without having Redis already running. Make sure you have Docker installed to run Redis.

First you need to install the Docker and the Redis image/container


Then you can run Redis


Run the server

Run the server by running


Go to your browser and visit localhost:3000/ to access the website or see the changes!

Run Node Scripts

On Linux/Mac, you can run scripts with node

nodejs your-script.js